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F.A.Q. and T.O.S.

Any Site Purchse is under the terms of service agreement. We hope we can answer your questions here!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. It seems like all your hoodies are made for girls. Do you make hoodies for guys too?
  • A. YES! All our hoodies are actually unisex hoodies. They just all look like girl's hoodies because we mainly use one mannequin. Just as you see clothes on mannequins in the stores, we have to pin our hoodies to look more form fitting than they actually are.

  • Q. I have an idea for a custom hoodie/hat/plush/etc, can you make it?
  • A. YES! We have yet to come across a request that was not possible for us to create. Please check out This Page to see some examples of custom hoodies, and This Page to see examples of custom hats!

  • Q. I have a DESIGN for a ___________, do I still have to pay for a sketch quote?
  • A. YES! Our artist still needs to draw up a sketch quote to be able to accurately determine how many pieces your design would require, how much work it would take to put together, and any other factors that would go into determining the cost of the hoodie. Without doing that, we can't give you an accurate end quote!

  • Q. What are your terms and conditions?
  • A. Please see this page for details!

  • Q. Do you ship worldwide?
  • A. Yes! We ship anywhere in the world.

  • Q. How long will it take my item to arrive?
  • A. That depends entirely on your location. For most worldwide locations, it will generally take not longer than 14 business days.

  • Q. How do I wash _______?
  • A. Please contact us if you need specific instructions that have not already been provided to you with your item. We will not be held responsible for items washed contrary to our washing instructions!

  • Q. I need this item by _______ (birthday, Halloween, Christmas, etc), is that possible?
  • A. We're always willing to try to accomodate any deadlines you have. However, please be aware that the closer you leave the order to the deadline, the more it will cost to ship. Orders required by christmas must be in by December 1st or they will have to be shipped with Fed-Ex, increasing the shipping cost.

  • Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
  • A. The fastest way to submit payment for most orders is to use PayPal. When your order is confirmed and finalized we will send you an invoice via PayPal and you'll be able to pay with any major credit card or funds already in your PayPal account. We also accept cash, money orders, certified cheques, and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

  • Q. What forms of shipping do you use?
  • A. We will use Canada Post airmail for all shipments unless otherwise requested.When you place your order, if you want a tracking number or rush shipping, you must contact us before finalizing your payment as different shipping options will drastically affect the total cost.

  • Q. Waitatick, you take Yu-Gi-Oh! cards as payment, is that true?
  • A. Yes it is! Please see this page for details!

  • Q. Why must all shipments to Germany use tracking numbers?
  • A. German customs seem to not be very interested in informing our customers when their packages have arrived and need to have duties paid. This has resulted in a high percentage of shipments to Germany getting sent back to us, and therefor unhappy customers. The only means by which we can avoid this is to insist on using tracking numbers so you, our customer, can know when it's time to go to your local German post office and pick up your package!
If you have another question that is not adressed here please Contact us

Terms Of Service

By purchasing anything from our site or commissioning our artist you are accepting our terms of service.

  1. You must have read this! To hire us to do any work, we assume that you have read our TOS and FAQ.

  2. We like friendly people! If you contact us and are aggressive, fussy, demanding, or otherwise unpleasent we will not be very interested in responding.

  3. All our items are hand made, by us. As such there may be minor differences between what you see online and what you actually receive.

  4. As we are not a factory we have nowhere to return things to.That means we do not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges, especially for online orders. In the case of major manufacturing defects, you will need to contact us with images before the item is worn.

  5. You are responsible for all customs/duties your country may require.When ordering online you should be aware of your country's own customs and duties laws. Under no circumstances will we issue refunds in relation to customs or duties.

  6. Our artist is an artist! When commissioning a piece you are commissioning an artist to make a piece of art, you are not hiring a tradesperson to do a job. As such we will appreciate your input and try to work with your ideas and suggestions as much as possible but in the end our artist will make her art the way she feels confident with as far as materials go and in such a way that she can be proud of having worked on this piece of art.

  7. Communicate! If you do not communicate clearly your wants, intentions, measurements, etc, we are not responsible for that.

  8. Comission requests must be open source If you commission a new item you are telling us that the concept is open source and free for us to use. You will take responsibility if it was not.

  9. The item is your responsibility once you have it Once you have your product any damage you inflict upon it is not our responsibility. We've literally had people try to exchange items because they have stained them.

  10. We retain the right to cancel and refund orders at anytime Circumstances have occured when our artist has fallen ill etc. and cannot work.

  11. Do not haggle with us or hassle us about pricing All of our items are priced more than fairly. The pricing plan is that everything costs as much as it would for anyone to do the exact same thing. If you include your time (even at minimum wage) all the planning, driving, shopping, trial and error & final creation of an item would cost you exponentially more.

  12. We do not guarantee colour this goes for all items. Computer monitors are all calibrated differently. Furthermore we do not gurantee commission colours especially when hand dyed.

  13. User Reviews must be from real customers! If you've never bought our products, your review will not appear. This is also not a "get attention" point for a problem with a product or order, we have a Contact Page for that! ^^