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Please read the F.A.Q. and T.O.S. before completing this form.

Alterations, Remakes & Quote Request Form

Hat Hoodie

This is not a general contact form.
Non-commission messages will not be responded to.

Sketch Quotes Pricing for new commission items
If you are looking for a ballpark price list for commission visit either the Custom Hoodie Price Guide or for hats etc. the Custom Hat Price Guide. Our artist will not give 'rough estimates'.

Due to the sheer volume of requests we get we have had to implement a $10 downpayment towards your commission item before our artist does any work including sketchquotes.

Upon recieving payment our artist will provide a detailed drawn quote. She will communicate her design ideas and address concerns/questions. If you do order the commission, the 10$ comes off of the final total cost of your item.

*A Paypal Attached email address must be provided as we will need to arrange invoicing for a purchase item or Sketchquote. If you do not wish to pay with paypal put in a vaild email for us to send a Credit Card invoice. If you want to arrange other payment leave a vaild email and specify how you would like to pay in the description box. We can not contact you without an email address.

**By Sending this form you are acknowledging and accepting our Terms of Service