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CanadaCosplay Referrals Program Info Page!

  1. You must have read this! By joining and remaining part of our referral program you agree to all the terms outlined on this page.

  2. Why Join? Because you like us! You really like us! Also you can get free stuff, or cash!

  3. Free Stuff? You bet! Every time you refer someone to our site and they make a purchase it's recorded on our servers and you'll get a percentage of that sale that can be used towards any of our products! (You still have to pay shipping, sorry!)

  4. Or CASH? The big boss lady said we needed to offer more than just in store credit! So once you reach a certain level of referral sales you can redeem your commission through paypal directly!

  5. How 'bout Both? No double dipping here! It's either in store credit or paypal payout! If you want to split your commission between credit and payout that's okay, but the payout minimum still applies.

  6. Rates? This better be worth it! Upon your acceptance to our Referral Program we send you an email with the specific rates outlined. Short story is: up to 10% !!!

  7. Will the rates always be thus? Proabably not! But we're stand-up people here, if the commission rates need to go down we'll 1) tell you ahead of time AND 2) give you the chance to 'cash out' at the rate you were getting before we need to make the change.

  8. But wait, there's more! If we find we want to increase the commission rates, the new rate will apply to all your past sales!

  9. Will you make me a banner? You'd probably want to make your own banner, with images of you or your site or characters or dog (Jenna Marbles yes?)... but here is an image of our logo in vector form .png. You can use it to make your own banners!

  10. What about __________? Well obviously the answer is ___________ ! Really though, if there's anything we didn't cover here please feel free to email us. Once you've been accepted to our Referral Program you'll have our direct email address for any other questions you might have ^^