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Referral Partner Program

Want to earn free products? Even cash? We're starting a referral partner program that, by sending your fans to our page, will let you earn anything you want from our site!

Referral Partner Program Application Form

The referral program is designed to reward you for recommending our site.

When someone makes a purchase using your unique referral code our system automatically tracks which items were purchased and you'll earn commission in store credit.

Since the sign-up process is done manually, for the time being we are restricting the referral program to those individuals with large online presence.
You should have at least 5,000 followers on any given website to sign up.

When we have more time (and aren't making stock for 12-14h/day every day) we'll try to set up an automated system to let everyone join the referral program.

If the from is not filled out completely we can't respond!

Click here to find out more details about our Referral Program!